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3 Products that Fight Lost Productivity

Posted by Sioux Rubber & Urethane Team on Feb 25, 2020 2:28:39 PM

When your machines or equipment breaks down due to abrasion, impact or corrosion issues, you’re losing money. Daily wear and tear is common, but your equipment is only designed to take so much. When this happens, not only has production stopped but the costs quickly add up with repairs and downtime. We developed rubber and urethane products that take the daily abuse from abrasion, impact and corrosion, saving your equipment and protecting your materials. Better yet, when the rubber or urethane wears out, that’s all that needs to be replaced, saving you time and money.

Here are three of our top time-saving products:

Rubber Clamp Pads

Clamp pads attach to forklifts to help grip and hold onto delicate or oddly-shaped materials. When they wear out, your products don’t move, literally. Our recovered clamp pads are the solution to keeping your productivity on a roll. Recovering your current clamp pads with Endurawear Rubber is more economical compared to buying new (about 50 to 75% less) and, since we use the existing substrate, there’s no question our pads will fit. You’ll never have to worry about stopping production because you have to ship the wrong set back.


HawkPad is a premier press pad made by bonding multi-layered hardwood to custom-blended Endurawear Urethane. HawkPad is a real production-saver because it lasts two- to four-times longer than traditional gum rubber pads. It allows for deep clean cuts through multiple materials, in multiple patterns, multiple times. Not only will you be replacing your press pads less, when you do the process is fast; one manufacturer noted it only took 30 minutes to replace HawkPad compared to three hours for the gum rubber pads they used to use. The savings with HawkPad just can’t be matched by traditional gum rubber pads.

Tuff-Tube Spout Lining

Tuff-Tube is a patented spout lining system that fits inside steel spouts used in the feed, seed and grain industries. Made with Endurawear Urethane and available in diameters between 4- to 20-inches, Tuff-Tube creates a barrier between seeds, grains and fertilizer and your expensive equipment. With Tuff-Tube, all you replace is the liner, a 10-minute process done onsite. Plus, our liners can be rotated 120 to 180-degrees, providing even longer use.

These are just three of our revolutionary products that fight abrasion and corrosion and resisting impact. We use our Endurawear rubber and Endurawear urethane to line and coat rubber impact bars, dump trucks, rollers and pulleys, paddles and fan housings. Get a quote today to see how we can start saving you money.

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