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3 Ways to Save Money with Abrasiplate

Posted by Sioux Rubber & Urethane Team on Jul 10, 2020 9:05:26 AM

Abrasiplate is our signature steel-backed rubber, and there’s a reason it has been a bestseller for over 60 years. This customizable rubber sheet is a go-to for construction companies, sand and grit blasting businesses, manufacturing, quarries, and more. Abrasiplate will decrease abrasion and minimize wear and tear on a wide variety of equipment. It is customizable, versatile, and incredibly durable. We’re proud of these 3 ways Abrasiplate continues to help our customers save time and money:

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It All Started with Abrasiplate

Posted by Sioux Rubber & Urethane Team on Dec 27, 2019 11:11:28 AM

At Sioux Rubber, we solve problems. The innovative products we offer are designed with one goal in mind: to help your business run smoothly. Within a wide variety of industries, from manufacturing to agriculture, equipment withstands a significant amount of wear and tear. When steel meets steel, day after day, hour after hour, it is just a matter of time before your operations are halted due to mechanical failures caused by steel-on-steel friction.

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Don’t Let Abrasion Eat Away Your Profits

Posted by Sioux Rubber & Urethane Team on Jun 21, 2019 11:15:47 AM
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Sioux Rubber Spotlight: Meet Joel Leiting

Posted by Sioux Rubber & Urethane Team on Dec 12, 2018 4:00:00 PM

 Creating solutions for their customers is the number one priority for the folks at Sioux Rubber & Urethane. Our team is always on the lookout to see how rubber and urethane can solve our clients’ issues from the obvious (die cutting boards) to the unique (custom abrasion solutions). Sales Manager Joel Leiting is the newest member of that team. 

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Need Protection? Abrasiplate Has You Covered

Posted by Sioux Rubber & Urethane Team on May 25, 2017 10:52:05 AM

What you may already know is that Abrasiplate™ is a rubber-faced plate that protects metal surfaces from the abuse of abrasion, corrosion, friction, and impact. You may also know that studies have shown protected metals can last up to 10 times longer than unprotected metals.

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