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Clamp Pads: Why Replace, When You Can Recover?

Posted by Sioux Rubber & Urethane Team on Apr 8, 2021 8:00:00 AM

We’re all about helping our customers save time and money. One of the best tricks up our sleeve? We can recover worn-down clamp pad rubber for a fraction of the cost it takes to purchase new. It’s one of our favorite no-brainers.

Clamp Pads

Clamp pads are an integral part of warehouse distribution and material handling processes. These forklift attachments are typically made of steel or aluminum and are coated with a ribbed rubber that is designed to more easily handle boxes, rolls, barrels and more. You can see how a failed clamp pad is a major cause for concern for material handling industries. As soon as your grip starts to fail, lots of people and inventory are at risk. The nature of the rubber is that it can’t last forever. So what do you do when it starts wearing thin? Many people throw out the entire thing -substrate and all- to repurchase all-new clamp pads from the original equipment manufacturer. We’re here to show you another way.

Turnaround Time

Why is it better for you to have your clamp pads recovered by Sioux Rubber, instead of repurchasing new pads? Let us count the ways. Our turnaround time for recovering clamp pads is approximately 3-5 days. Within one week, you can have your machine up and running again- that’s what we are able to do as a small and nimble company. On the other hand, if you repurchase your pads from the Original Equipment Manufacturer, you could be a sitting duck for up to 6 weeks.

Price Comparison

Why toss out the substrate with the rubber? Chances are, the steel or aluminum are in perfect working condition and will be good as new with a new coating of rubber. By recovering, you’re saving equipment AND money. One of our customers realized that it would cost $200 LESS to recover 4 clamp pads than to buy 2 new ones.

Quality & Craftsmanship

We recover clamp pads by hand with a ⅜ inch, 60 durometer SPR (styrene-butadiene rubber). This top-quality rubber will outlast anything that is sold at an OEM, so your recovered clamp pads will last about twice as long as anything purchased new. Our expert team knows exactly how to prep the substrate and bond the rubber in a way that will far outperform a new set of clamp pads.

Save money, save time, and save your sanity by recovering clamp pads instead of purchasing new ones. If we haven’t convinced you yet, give us a call!

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