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HawkPad is Here for the Honeycomb Manufacturing Industry

Posted by Sioux Rubber & Urethane Team on Dec 3, 2020 2:32:26 PM

Honeycomb cardboard is used as protective packaging for items as small as household appliances, and as large as temporary building structures. Honeycomb cardboard is made of kraft paper that is shaped into hexagonal cells and glued together to form a board. Then, firm cardboard is attached to both sides of the honeycomb like a sandwich. Using the honeycomb paper between the two firmer boards creates high tensile strength, which is ideal for the transportation of appliances and other large items that need to be protected. This product has to be measured and cut using 50 to 100-ton presses, and the die-cutting process must be strong, precise, and resilient. With the HawkPad by Sioux Rubber and Urethane, manufacturers of honeycomb cardboard are able to make a high-quality product that lasts longer and saves money.

Meet the HawkPad

The Hawkpad is made by bonding multi-layered hardwood to a custom-blended urethane. Sioux Rubber & Urethane’s proprietary Endurawear barrier allows for deep, clean cuts every time. Because of our unique construction and urethane blend, you can rest assured that your cuts will smoothly go through multiple materials, in multiple patterns, multiple times. The HawkPad is designed to resist warping, shredding, and dimpling. Our customers trust that HawkPad will still be going strong after 500,000 cuts!

How Does the HawkPad Compare to Traditional Gum Rubber Press Pads?

The HawkPad’s unique bonding of multi-layered hardwood to a custom-blended urethane allows for it to last up to 3 times longer than a traditional gum rubber press pad. When you’re purchasing pads less often, and they’re working considerably better, everyone is happy. Plus, each HawkPad takes about 30 minutes to install, so downtime is minimal compared to the 3 hour delay for traditional pads. Take a look at this financial breakdown of how the HawkPad can save you time and money:




Gum Rubber Pad        

Pad Life Span

4+ months (3 pads a year)

1.5 months (8 pads a year)

Materials Cost

$5,700 (3 pads @ $1,900)

$9,600 (8 pads @ $1,200)

Total Installation Time

1.5 hours (30 min. per pad)

24 hours (3 hrs. per pad)

Total Installation Labor Cost (@ $100/hr.)



Total Cost



As you can see, our customers are enjoying over $6,000 of savings per year after switching to Hawkpad! Making an investment in the highest quality and longest-lasting press pads will result in beautifully die-cut honeycomb cardboard. Save time and keep money in your pocket. Give us a call today to see how your Honeycomb Cardboard Manufacturing can be better than ever!

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