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Line Your Steel Spouts With Tuff-Tube Today For A Smooth Harvest Tomorrow

Posted by Sioux Rubber & Urethane Team on May 10, 2019 11:00:00 AM


How often have you had to replace your metal conveyance equipment? Unprotected steel takes a beating from the bushels of corn, soybeans and other grains that tumble down it to silos or trucks. When a spout goes down, all processes are halted and the lost dollar signs start spinning in your head. Instead of sitting on your hands waiting for a spout to be repaired or replaced, avoid the situation entirely by investing in a wear- and abrasion solution like Tuff-Tube[Symbol].

Why Tuff-Tube?

Our Tuff-Tube® lining system is made from a patented urethane that seamlessly fits inside steel spouts from 4- to 20-inches in diameter, creating a barrier between seeds, grains and fertilizer and your expensive piece of equipment. That means grains slide and scrape across Tuff-Tube instead of your expensive steel spout. You won’t have to worry about buckling, plugging or peeling issues. Tuff-Tube® was developed with a top holding ring that sits on the top of the spout, helping to assure no grain, seed or fertilizer coming up the conveyor belt can get under the Tuff-Tube® liner. Tuff-Tube® liners literally save your spout so when it does wear out, all you need to replace is the liner.

What Does It Take To Replace?

Replacing a Tuff-Tube® liner takes about 10 minutes and can be done right on-site. The liner simply slides into the spout, without the need for elevator bolts to attach it, due to that great top holding ring that sits on top of the spout. There’s no equipment needed. It is available in lengths of 10 to 20 feet and can also be cut-to-fit in the field. The days of shutting down to wait for a replacement are over.

But, replacing Tuff-Tube won’t be on your mind for a long while. This lining system can be rotated 120 to 180-degrees, increasing its lifespan. When one side starts to wear, simply rotate it to the un-used sides. And, if coupled with our lined spout elbows, which have a permanently-bonded liner that matches up to the Tuff-Tube®, you can get total spout protection.

How Do I Get It?

When you do decide that Tuff-Tube® is exactly what you need to protect your machinery, we can get one to fast. Once we get you a quote and you place your order, we will let you know when you can expect to have the Tuff-Tube® completed and ready for shipment. Check out our product page or call us at (866) 603-8661.

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