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Lucky You! Recovered Clamp Pads Saves Lots of Money

Posted by Sioux Rubber & Urethane Team on Mar 12, 2020 6:59:38 PM

There’s a lot of talk about luck this time of year (and tiny green men) and though you might scoff at the idea of “luck,” there is such a thing as making your own “good luck.” Opting to recover, instead of replacing, your worn-out clamp pads offer all types of lucky benefits like reduced downtime and lower cost all in one amazing product.

Recovered Versus Replaced

The major difference between a clamp pad that’s recovered and one that is replaced is in a recovered clamp pad the original substrate is kept and only the rubber is replaced. When a clamp pad wears out, nine times out of ten the metal substrate is perfectly fine. Sioux Rubber & Urethane takes that metal substrate and permanently attaches new rubber to it that’s many times better than what the manufacturer originally used. We can recover all types of substrates including steel, aluminum, flat or curved clamp pads.

Increased Productivity

When you recover, instead of replacing clamp pads, you eliminate downtime. Recovered clamp pads allow your crew to get back to work faster. Since we use your existing substrate, the mounting holes line up perfectly, every time so you don’t have to worry about shipping back a pair that doesn’t fit. We also understand time lost is money lost, so we guarantee quick turnarounds with 7 to 10-day lead times.

Lower Cost

The best part about recovered clamp pads? They cost 50 to 75% less than new clamp pads without sacrificing quality. We use our proprietary Endurawear rubber on every clamp pad we recover. This rubber has been tried and tested by our company and specifically designed with our customers’ needs in mind. We’ve been in this industry for more than 60 years and have had a lot of practice to get the blend just right.

We also vulcanize the rubber to the metal instead of relying on glue. This means the elastomers in the rubber are chemically bonded to the metal substrate, creating an unbreakable bond that can only be broken with a hammer and chisel. And since the substrate will outlast the rubber, we can recover your clamp pads several times before they will ever need to be completely replaced – adding more long-term savings to your pocket.

Skip Luck, Rely on Us

Skip taking chances and hoping that your luck won’t run out with your old, worn clamp pads. Start making your own luck by using our recovered clamp pads instead. Contact us to see how easy, and cost-effective, recovering your clamp pads can be.

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