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Endurawear Urethane: A True Wonder Product

Posted by Sioux Rubber & Urethane Team on Mar 20, 2019 12:00:00 PM

Endurawear Urethane A True Wonder Product

Endurawear Urethane is one of our signature products. We use this proprietary blend of polyurethane to enhance the performance of machinery and equipment to provide a longer lasting life. Our Endurawear Urethane is mixed for superior impact resistance, better abrasion resistance and load release to decrease maintenance costs and increase operating margins. Polyurethane is much more than just another type of plastic. Its special characteristics make it uniquely useful for many industries.


What Is Polyurethane?

Think of polyurethane as the middle child between plastic and rubber. It combines traits from both materials to create a product that is all its own. But where plastic will break when bent, polyurethane will bend. 

Polyurethane, very generically speaking, is a mixture of two (or more) liquid chemicals, a prepolymer and a curative, that when combined at the proper ratio and temperatures produce a chemical reaction resulting in a solid finished product. There are thousands of variations to this process to create the desired characteristics of the finished product, some of which allow polyurethane to share similar traits to rubber. It has a high load-bearing capacity, offers superior abrasion, cut and tear resistance, is extremely tolerant to greases and oils and won’t degrade outdoors.

One of the most common variants in polyurethane is its durometer or hardness. Polyurethane can be cast as soft as a 20 Shore A (ex.: rubber band) up to a 90 Shore D (ex.: nylon, military combat helmet). This is one of the first things a manufacturer will ask for when replacing a polyurethane part.


What Can Endurawear Urethane Be Used For?

Endurawear Urethane provides impact resistant coatings and abrasion resistant coatings. It can cover rollers and bars, used to line spouts, used in sheets and as custom molded parts. It can be formed or sprayed so its uses are endless. If you can think of it, we’ve probably covered it either with Endurawear Urethane or Endurawear rubber.

Some of our best products are made with Endurawear Urethane. Our HawkPad cutting edge press pad is a premier press pad that lasts three times longer than traditional gum rubber press pads. The Endurawear Urethane barrier allows for deep, clean cuts through multiple materials in multiple patterns. Tuff-Tube Spout Lining is a patented urethane spout liner formulated with Endurawear Urethane. It significantly reduces the abrasion of grain, seed and fertilizer handling. Plus, it can be installed in a matter of minutes.

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