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Why We Love Rubber

Posted by Sioux Rubber & Urethane Team on Feb 12, 2020 6:56:55 PM


We started our business more than 60 years ago based on the durability, impact and corrosion resistance of rubber. We knew this wonder material was the answer to so many abrasion issues that manufacturers and many other industries face.

Rubber is one of nature’s most durable, resilient materials. It originally comes from the South American tree Hevea Brasiliensis and used for centuries before Charles Goodyear came along in 1839 and changed it forever. Goodyear discovered vulcanization or the chemical process that improves the physical properties of natural or synthetic rubber. Once vulcanized, rubber is stronger, has a resistance to swelling and abrasion and remains elastic over a greater range of temperatures. Today we primarily use vulcanized synthetic rubber, specifically SBR (Styrene-Butadiene Rubber), but offer natural rubber products as well. That’s why we love rubber so much, it’s so versatile!

It’s a great liner. Natural rubber is a natural polymer that is used to make rubber bands but is also a relatively low-cost lining material for both corrosion and abrasion protection. Highly resilient and available in 40-50 durometer, soft natural rubber exhibits superior abrasion resistant qualities compared to other lining materials. Soft natural rubber offers excellent protection from many corrosive materials, like chemicals. It is available in red or black if color contamination is a consideration. Typical applications include pump housing, fan systems, lining and parts tumbling barrels.

It’s extremely strong. People may think of rubber as being flexible or bouncy, but it can be very soft or very hard as well. The hardness of rubber is measured in durometers. Rubber typically has a durometer of 20 to 90, which varies based on the type. Most of today’s rubber is synthetic, the most common being Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SBR). SBR comes in a variety of durometers with around 60 shore “A” being used most often on drive rollers, pulley’s, impact bins/pads and skirt boarding. It has good impact and abrasion resistant characteristics. And just to throw it back to Charles Goodyear, about 50 percent of all car tires are made from various types of SBR’s.

It’s durable. Rubber, especially SBR, is not only cost effective but stands up to abrasion and wear. That’s why we use Endurawear®, our proprietary rubber, when we recover clamp pads, make linings for tanks, housing, scrubbers, and manufacture impact bars that provide excellent impact absorption. Adding Endurawear® rubber to your machinery helps it last longer, keeps maintenance costs down and just makes it perform better.

Sioux Rubber & Urethane started operations over six decades ago. We’ve earned a reputation for being an on-time supplier of high-quality rubber and urethane applications, products and custom designs. If you’re ready to love how rubber can improve the way you do business, contact us today.

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